Looking to grow your existing photography business? Consider drone photography

The popularity of drones has exploded over the last decade. In 2016 the Consumer Technology Association reported sales of approximately 2.8 million drones in the US. This surge in popularity has brought along an increase in demand for drone generated content. This has left business owners clamoring for drone footage.

What does all this mean to photograph and videography business owners? GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES!!!

Check out the links and video below. You might decide drone services are the ticket to big time growth for your business.

Here is a link to a basic drone photography business operation overview.

Another helpful link for a drone photography and videography course from Udemy.

And last but not least a nice video primer on the risk/reward proposition of drone photography.




Want to pump up your digital marketing strategy? Try these simple ideas

fresh ideas to pump up your marketing effortsMost digital marketers are constantly seeking new ways to create greater impact with marketing campaigns. This if often easier said than done. Fortunately, for you we have put together a short hit list of ideas that can help you breathe some new life into your efforts.

1 – Put a fresh spin on old ideas

If you have worked with well established brands they probably have a large body of previous marketing materials. Don’t be afraid to take trip back in time. You may find previously successful campaigns that can be successfully refreshed to reflect contemporary consumer tastes. This strategy can save time for you and money for your clients while making you look like a ROCK STAR!

2 – Make sure your business is accessible

Don’t mistake the term accessible for being highly visible. Being accessible refers to the ease with which customers and potential customers can connect with your business. This includes social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter as well as more service related channels such as online chat. Many studies have shown that consumers desire easy access to the brands they support.

3 – Use headlines that make an impact

Very simply, try to avoid dull headlines. Headlines should grab the attention and convert intention into action. This doesn’t mean that every headline should exploit sensationalism in the way a great deal of clickbait headlines do presently. Don’t oversell it, don’t undersell it and for God’s sake don’t misrepresent… Just be creative!

4 – Don’t be too serious

Have a sense of humor! Everyone knows that one “Debby Downer” who can kill a party in a heartbeat. Don’t be that person! Use sarcasm, wit and good old fashion humor to your advantage. If you look around you will easily find many successful examples of companies with products and services that would seem stodgy on the surface. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Take the time to evaluate what has worked before, is working for others and fits the message you seek to convey. Then try applying these simple ideas for a fresh infusion of pep in your marketing campaigns.